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Here at AG Services, we are a proud GT dealer. As of our most recent stock take, early 2017, we currently stock just under 100 sizes of GT Radials, covering passenger car tyres, commercial van and most recently some SUV - europe's fastest growing car sector. The 4x4 GT Savero range has proved popular and through our suppliers network, anything which we have not got here at Long Eaton, is available same-day or at worst next morning delivery, before 9am. So if we've not got it, it won't be far away!

Gajah Tunggal (GT) are a formidable force in the worlds tyre production. They produce a comprehensive range of tyres across all sizes. As of December 2016, GT's range of car tyres across 6 current patterns covers almost the entire PCR size range from 12 inch up to 20 inch, around 120 sizes in total - The current car tyre range are:  FE1 CITY (New out in 2016), Champiro VP1, Champiro FE1, Champiro HPY, Champiro UHP1 and their latest Ultra High Performance Tyre, engineered in Europe - 'Sport Active.' The world renowned Maxmiler commercial van series covers around 70 current van sizes - mostly in their centrepiece commercial pattern 'Maxmiler Pro. The new Savero SUV range covers sizes not made before by the company, with fitments for the Nissan Qashqai now covered amongst the current 23 sizes available. For more dedicated 4x4 tyres, the existing Savero range, a hugely respected tyre, covers another 21 tyre sizes - including all-terrain and off road mud terrain patterns. Winter tyres are not left out either, a rapidly growing sector in the UK, GT's latest offering is the Champiro WinterPro HP. GT also covers SUV and Van in their winter portfolio, and list 68 ongoing variations available, although not all of these are necessarily available in the UK market, as suppliers need to weigh up which sizes to place there limited winter tyre orders. 


The company was established on 24th August 1951, and like most tyre manufacturers, began life producing bicycle tubes and tyres. Over the years, they expanded production and diversified, initially into motorcycle tyres and eventually into passenger and commercial vehicle tyres. The first Bias tyres for vehicles were in 1981, whilst the Radial tyres we all use today followed in 1993. The company has been successful in bicycle, motorcycle and commercial tyres produced, and over the last decade or so, has invested heavily into making sure the car tyre package is held in equal high regards. Arguably those high standards have now been reached in recent years.


Today, GT now export to over 130 different countries from their Indonisia base, across 6 continents. Impressively they provide original equipment (OE) tyres to over 100 vehicles, mostly on home market to car makers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford and General Motors (Vauxhall in the UK). Recently they also provide OE fitment on some Renault in Europe (including in the UK). GT's current workforce on home soil stands at 13,944, whilst the brands research & development centres, which include Europe & the UK adds another 600 to the operation.

Currently GT have the capability of producing 50,000 radial tyres per day, whilst last year they manufactured 10.5 million radial tyres, out of the 39.4 million tyres in total (including motorcycle and bias tyres). 6% of tyres made in 2013 were for OE on new cars. The company also produces it's own synthetic rubber and tyre cord - an expensive part of modern day tyre production, and something some other manufacturers still have to purchase themselves.

In 2005 GT entered into partnership with the GITI group, giving the 2 companies a stronger foothold in the world tyre market. Combined together this has enabled the group to be in and around the worlds top 10 tyre manufacturers, rubbing shoulders with many other well known brands such as Maxxis, Kumho, Toyo and Cooper (Avon), and just behind Japanese giant Hankook.


GT produce an entire portfolio of tyres for all vehicles and all sizes, some mid-range manufacturers tend only to make more popular sizes. They also have their own research & development centres,including here in the UK, and also their own testing facilities, which include winter testing in Finland - something very few manufacturers can boast, other than the few of the worlds Premium manufacturers. GT are a recognised fitment on many new cars and are a highly respected product throughout the world. They are currently entering into the US market. 

GT offers a good product at a reasonable price. Here at AG Services, we stand by our products and have full faith in the GT product. Try it for yourself....


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